Induced Labor, Chancletas and Red Balls

'Kay. First I'd like to say I'm back. Second I'd like to say I know you're happy.
Third, I'd like to say...

What in the blue hell is this? Your boy Cam, the Pink Panther ... in all his fabulosity had the nerve to talk about Jay wearin Chancletas, but he's seen here freely dangling his limp wrist around this...guy *?* (who looks reminiscent of a homosexual christmas tree, coincidentally). HAAAAATED IT! Look at his coy smile in the first picture. Awww! It's so endearing that I almost didn't throw up in my mouth! I knew there was somethin a lil...eh, FLASHY about Cam. All that pink for nothin? Pffft, you cant pull the red skirt over my eyes! Far be it from me to judge though...you know Nique loves the kids. Especially the gay ones! I think its fagulous fabulous!

Whoo. Deep breath. Tomorrow mornin at 6am, I'll be gettin my Labor Induced...I know, interestin stuff huh? No, I'm not scared & no, I'm not excited. I'm ready to get this damn party started, so I can have my body back. FYI: Bein pregnant is SO not the hotness.