Its Official!

Its Official!

Like a referee with a whistle. Countdown starts now, people. Countdown till what? WHAT, YOU ASK? Well, till my amniotic sac breaks and I go into labor. I couldn't say it any better, sorry. So 23 days left. Shit. Sounds long.


Fuckin Kansans...


I said it before, and I'll say it again. Kansas must breed dumbasses, I honestly think its somethin in the water. I love my mama more every day because she didn't have me NOWHERE near this state. When my son is born I will NOT let him drink the water here. On My Myspace blog, I wrote about Hurricane Katrina because it was the one year anniversary and there was a couple things I hadda expell from my mind. So I'm readin the comments...and this is one of em...

"i aint tired of hearin about it- i just dont give 2 fucks. cuz it aint affect me in no way. just like that fuckin terrorist attack didn't. cept for the fact gas is high. fuck it. shit happens. im not ignorant, it just aint affect me. but ive also lived in kansas damn near my whole life - so take it however. case & point. fuck the world. i AM the only bitch that matters. =) I liked this blog tho. and im ready for the "fuck melissa you a dumb douche" speech im bout to get from you. but fuck it too. anyway this damn cat is tryin to type for me so ima cut this. 2 kudos even tho u dont care what i think."

Yeah. That pissed me off. How do you say some shit like that? I just don't understand. So I replied with:

"Wow...thats like the stupidest shit anybody ever said. You wouldn't be sayin that shit if a tornado came and blew this country ass-piece of shit-lame-cow breedin-good for nothin-non revenue gainin ass-state away, would you? Shit I'm probably the most selfish person on this planet and if I can muster up enough of a conscience to give a fuck, you should be able to too. So cuz you was born and raised in KS mean you dont give a fuck about when other people is strugglin? C'mon. Thats why I hate livin here ya'll Kansas hicks are so fuckin SLOW. Seriously. That just pissed me off. I'm not tryna give you no speech, I'm just sayin that shit you said truly was ignorant. Now tell somebody from New Orleans that shit you just said and see what happens.

And I'm givin myself two mothafuckin kudos."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I fucking hate livin here and I hate all the people here. The amount of ignorance is just bafflin' to me. Like do you honestly think like that? Then justify it because you were born here, lived here all your life and you're most likely gonna die here? Get fucking real. People forget that this is even a STATE. God. I went to the hospital this mornin and they told me my blood pressure was up. I'm sure that added a couple notches to the blood pressure meter! Stupid, stupid ho's.




Remeber playin Uno? When you had 3 cards left, and your friend had a couple more... so you think you got it in the bag, right? So you throw down that yellow 5 cause you are SO sure thats what you gotta do, and you got 2 cards left, then...outta nowhere, that mothafucka pulls the wildcard on your ass. Now, the wildcard can play to your advantage, or it can fuck you raw with no lube (its usually the latter). Forget life bein a highway (and ridin it all night long), life is one big, long uno game. Only in this uno game, theres more wildcards than regular cards. I thought I had my yellow 5, but it turns out that I'm drawin a wildcard. This mighta been another one of my 'you'll change your mind later' moments. I don't know though. So, I'm sittin on the floor watchin Flavor of Love 2 (yeah, good time to have a epiphany, right?) and I think about how I used to wanna join the Air Force. Yeah. Me. In the Air Force. Stop Laughin. College is good and great and it gives you education and blah-dee-fuckin-blah, but who's to say that when I finish I'm 100% sure that I'll get the job I want or need? Nobody. College is a wildcard. At least if I go in the Air Force I got a definite income, my son'll have benefits and I COULD still go to school. His dad is in the Army and all, but I don't like the whole havin to depend on him to do the right thing by his kid, cause the truth is...he probably wont. Whatever. I don't even know if this is what I really wanna do. It just sounds good. Then again, I don't know about me in ANYBODY's military, cause I don't really do good with discipline...I dunno. I'm still playin uno though, so chances are I'll put that card off to the side and pick up another one sometime soon, cause thats just how you play the game.