Guess Whos Bizzack?


As you can see, I switched up the beat of my blog. Maybe that'll get me back into writin on this shit like I'm sposed to. I don't know what inspired the whole bumblebee colors, but I'll be damned if it aint fresh!


Been Lied To..

I kinda debated about postin my lil poetic justice on here, but fuck it ... I might as well let the world in on a lil half of my mind. It needs it. This one is for my brothas...

Been Lied To

He won't amount to nothin'
A drug dealer, pimp or basketball star
He won't amount to nothin'
Won't be a lawyer with a fancy car
He won't amount to nothin'
Nope. No Ferrari's or Jags
No Maybach with "Number 1 Doctor" on the tags
He won't amount to nothin'
Probably have six kids
Six different women
Y'know how it is
He won't amount to nothin
Oh wait! He can fall back on rap
But...thats only if his demo lands in the right lap
He won't amount to nothin
And he wont try to
He won't amount to nothin
Cuz he's been lied to

What The Fuck Happened?!

So I watched "When The Levees Broke", that Spike Lee joint on HBO. (As per Teej's publicizin' of the event) and I gotta say...I thought I understood what happened there. I was wrong. Wrong. WRONG. I mean, we had a buncha Katrina victims up here, believe it or not...shit, I even had a boy from the 9th Ward (which is like the most hard hit part of the N.O.), as one of my lil boyfriends, and he was explainin to me about the bodies floatin by them while they were tryna get help, how the helicopters REALLY flew over them and went to rescue "higher priority" (read:rich crackas) citizens. I never imagined the shit was THAT bad though. Spike did a hellofamuthafuckin job with that documentary, it shows what happened from every angle: city government, state government and of course the fucked up ass federal government. It shows how the levees were actually breeched and that the city knew for years and years that them levees were unsafe and couldn't stand up to a category 5 hurricane, actually I think the highest it could stand to was a category 3. Then they told about how some people think the levees were blown deliberately to flood out the 'less desirable' parts of town and save the 'better' parts. (you know the conspiracy theorist in me believes that shit). It tells about Hurricane Betsy in 65, and compares Lyndon Johnson to Bush's ol redneck, oil pillagin, life ruinin, unjustified war carryin' out ass...how Johnson stood in the streets and talked to the people and how Bush flew over the site in a plane. A FUCKING PLANE. Didn't set his feet on that ground until WAY later. Until the streets were fuckin' dry. I didn't know all of that. I dont understand how a person like him can still be in office, after all the shit thats gone down since he became president. It truly baffles me that nobody cared enough to question his tactics until it was too late everytime...from 9-11 to the war in Iraq,and especially to Katrina where you had 80% of a city under water, people dyin of dehydration, exhaustion and all types of shit waitin for help. It makes no fuckin sense that the richest country in the world couldn't send out SOME type of federal aid to these people within less than 5 days. Babies with no food. Lil kids watchin their parents die. You have to ask your self really, what the fuck was goin on? I said this from jump, that if that shit woulda happened in Beverly Hills or somefuckinwhere, they woulda been there quicker than you can say "Fuck them nigras". I promise. Anyway, if you didn't catch it...make sure you do the next time it comes on (Teej has that info on his blog, so go check him out). I'm through writin this blog, cuz I feel one of my lil revolutionary minded critiques comin on and I know nobody wants to read that lol. They'll NEVER get me to drink the kool-aid!


I Have No Idea What To Title This ...

My best friend got murdered 6 years ago. He was in an apartment and they were baggin up weed and some nigger (i fully mean that word in the disparaging way, too)shot him in the head over a dime of fuckin weed that he didn't wanna pay my friend for. Yeah. Now, if you think thats the worst of it, it's not. At Mikhails funeral, the nigger(s) who allegedly killed him showed up. Me and my homegirl were sittin second row, and we heard some niggas bumblin and stumblin through the funeral home and one of em distinctly said "Whatcha'll lookin at us for? WE aint kill the nigga" to a couple people who was lookin at them I guess. I never ever in life had seen/heard no shit like that at a funeral. My best friend in the entire world was layin up in a casket (open) with his head swollen to the point of no recognition, you could barely even tell it was him...and these bitch ass niggas came and disrespected him. Mikhails brother tried to get at them, and I believe if his Moms wasn't there to hold his hand he woulda did somethin SERIOUS. Security escorted them out. Anyway. Last night I had a dream about Mikhail...this shit was different though. It really, truly, 100% felt REAL. We were sittin in my room, in the dark talkin like normal. He told me I was gonna be a good Mom, and he was lookin at this bassonette I have in my room. We talked about his lil sister (whom I happened to see yesterday mornin at the store) too. The shit that kinda makes me feel weird about this dream is, it didn't feel like a dream. Cuz when I woke up, I SWEAR my room smelled like Jordan cologne (ya'll remember the Jordan cologne right? lol), and I wasn't sad or anything. Cuz I've had dreams about him before and I'd wake up and just go into tears. Come to think of it, I haven't had a dream about him in like a year. Now, I don't believe in ghosts or no crazy mess like that...I do, however, believe in spirits (i.e. God)...does that make sense? My mama said he was visitin me. What do YOU think?