Speed Bloggin

Aight. This just crossed my mind, and I hadda let it out.

So they found JonBenets killer supposedly? That's just grand. Super. So why in the fuck is Biggie and Pac's murders still unsolved with no suspects?



People tell me I'm evil all the time. I usually say somethin along the lines of "I don't give a fuck", or "Fuck you" when I reply. Does that make me evil? Does it make me evil that I don't enjoy doin stuff for people that I KNOW wouldnt do it for me? Maybe it makes me evil cause if somebody asks me to tell them the truth, I tell them the whole uncut-unfiltered and usually unwanted truth. Could it be cuz I don't take no bullshit from ANYBODY? Then again I guess it's cause I use sarcasm like oxygen. Oh! I guess I'm evil cuz I say what I'm thinkin ...even when nobody wants to hear it, or if it has nothin to do with anything...example someone could say "Its nice weather out here huh?", and I could reply with "I like Doritos", I say it like it comes to my head. Or maybe I'm evil cause people are just some ol punk pussies who dont wanna hear the truth and cant accept me for who I am, even though I'm probably the dopest individual they'll ever get to come close to in their borin' ass lives...nah. Or maybe, its cuz I don't give a fuck that they feel that way. That cant be it. Can it?

OH, and I keep playin Isley Brothers "Between the sheets" for some reason.