The Blog Tip..

I'm gettin kinda sluggish on the blog tip, people. I don't know what it is, lately I had a buncha shit to talk about...but just didn't have the inclination to blog it. I been readin everybody elses though. I know I scared a couple people to shits the other night cause I thought I was in labor. I'm tombout fuckin stomach cramps, I had the burst of energy you're sposed to get and all of it. It was a false-a-fuckin larm...went to the hospital, they just said that "these things happen sometimes". I was so pissed that I wanted to stick my hand up my holy grail and pull *Nasir out. Yeah. That serious. September 24th is the date folks. I doubt it'll go that long though. Anyways, just wanted to put people up on game, I'm alive and well, and still dope as hell. Peace.

* Nasir is the official name of my unborn Prince.


Mind Arrangement...

Okay. I got sixty-eleven thoughts rollin around in my head and I hate endin my day like that.

1. Janice Dickinson has gotta be like...the funniest white bitch on the planet "Holler back bitch!" =classic. oh yeah, and shes fab-u-fuckin-lous!
2. if we can make all these plans to end war in the middle east, why cant we use that same damn brain power to withdraw from Iraq?
3. and whatever happened to the "War on drugs"?
4. Claudia Chairrez is SO fucking fabulous to me!
5. yes, she is a man!
6. you do not show up at my house unnanounced.
7. especially if i decline your phonecalls.
8. twice.
9. and ignore your text messages.
10. thrice.
11. and i havent spoken to you since january
12. september just ain't comin fast enough
13. today, when i got out the shower...i looked at myself in the mirror and i seriously, truly, and forreal-ly got turned on by my reflection
14. i know right?
15. its gonna be 104 degrees tomorrow
16. i dont think its even that hot in hell!
17. and this mothafuckin fly keeps buzzin around...
18. even though i hate cassie, her song "long way to go" is in my head
19. am i the only one who aint bustin nuts cuz janet jacksons back?
20. would i be goin too far if i said mariah was better anyway?
21. i cant stop thinkin about how little kids are the biggest snitches in the world!
22. i asked her why she was cryin, and her two year old son said "cuz the police came an dey said 'put yo hands up shawn!'"
23. pardon me, i had to laugh at that [1]
24. Fred G Sanford ... the G stands for "Good Lookin"
25. and yes, this is all shit i think of, for what reasons i have no idea
26. innanet crushes are sooo laaameee...
27. and i almost caught one!
28. i do NOT wanna get up every 3 hours outta my sleep cuz i have to pee!
29. cant a negro enjoy a peaceful slumber?
30. what the hell is wrong with them lil white chil'ren runnin around here thinkin they vampires?
31. if i was a vampire, aint no damn way the police would catch me!
32. cant you just turn into a bat and fly off on they ass?
33. just a thought
34. no disrespect, but that World Trade Center movie looks like a big ass box of bullshit to me
35. i aint buyin into it
36. now lets see if they'll make a hurricane katrina movie
37. ....here come the back pains
38. so ima try this layin down and fallin asleep thing again
39. if it doesn't work...i guess i'll work on my scrap book =/

[1]copyright, Jay Z.


Quick Thoughts...

So. I'm watchin the coon-picnic that is "Flavor Of Love 2", cause I love to see niggas (YES niggas. NOT black folk) act a damn fool, so what better place to do it than VH1? (besides BET and UPN of course). Anyway, a couple of these bitches strike me as...a lil 'haphazard' shall we say?

1. "Buckwild"...first thought, and I KNOW everybody was thinkin this. "Does this bitch know slavery ended a couple years ago?", I mean she talks like Frederick Douglass is her pops. "I swear yo Flav, I'mma hol joo down in yo crib!" damn, why didnt the bitch just yell "MASSA!" after every word? The bad part? Shes whiter than Pepperidge Farm bread. You already know I'm mad. I'd smack fire out her ass if I ever seen her. Real talk.

2. "Tyson"...why didnt he just name this ho "Lispy?" This broad's lisp can rival Cindy Brady's.

I'm not quite understandin why they didn't pick no normal chicks. These bitches are worse than Hottie's ass was! I got one word for this season, and it hurts to say...deeply, to the core 'cuz was my joint last season...but the word is...scripted.