I HATE Niggas..

NIGGAS are selfish.
NIGGAS dont worry about how you feel.
NIGGAS will try to break you.
NIGGAS are only close to you for what they can get outta you.
NIGGAS are ignorant.
NIGGAS are ungrateful.
NIGGAS are assholes.
NIGGAS will tear you down to bring themselves up.
NIGGAS will take you for granted.
NIGGAS will do some foul shit and then act like everything is sweet.

We need more BLACK PEOPLE and less NIGGAS in this world!

* This message was brought to you by the Knock A Nigga Out corporation, in cooperation with Fuck Yall Coons Inc., it is not meant to demean nor offend any specific nigga who is reading the message, it is merely meant to alert niggas of their nigga ways in hopes that they will un-niggafy themselves. Thank you.

The Fabulous Life Of Diddy...

Check out the negro on the left hand side in the background that looks like Yung Joc. I think its safe to assume that he's the one who just raped Diddy.



Dear Ludacris...

Dear Ludacris,

Over the years I have admired your work. Especially timeless classics like, "Ho", "Pimpin all over the world" and of course the motivational song to all strippers worldwide, "Pussy Poppin". It has come to my attention, however that you are trying to change your image. Sort of. I heard your song with Pharrell called "Money Maker", it is pure trash by the way. How many times are we gonna hear about a bitch shakin everything that jiggles for a couple pieces of change? But I digress. Your new image began to bother me when I heard "War With God", in which you throw several ether-like disses to T.I. or Jeezy but name no names. Disses like "I'm universal, Luda never limit himself to the south" and "How many times you gon rap about bustin yo' guns and trappin", then theres my personal favorite "My daughters room can fit in your house". Luda, Luda, Luda...you claimed you were talkin to yourself on that record? Come better than that fam-lay. I still haven't got to the real reason I'm writing this letter of concern though. Next, there is Shawnna. Is she really the best that DTP has to offer? If I were you, I'd get on my grizzy and start tryna find new talent A.S.A.P! Now, for my purpose, the real reason I am so concerned about you and where your career is heading (pun intended), is because of this disturbing picture . Yes. Where did it go? I understand you may be tired of havin to have the local hoodrats twist you up while their 3 or more kids run around rampant leavin a trail of chicken bones and Kool-Aid packet in their wake, but that? That is NOT a good look. Its not even so much the hair cut, its your...well...your hair. Where is that Luda prettiness? The smoothness that makes a woman (or gay male) wanna run their hands through your thick fro?! Not to mention your ears are reminiscent of somebody who hustles chocolate chip cookies outta a big ass Oak tree. I hope you excommunicated the person who suggested this to you, because they are not your friend and they do not care about you. Thank you for reading.

Sincurrrrly, Nique


Seriously, I know you were talkin about T.I.!