Fuck The Weekend & Fuck Lyfe Jennings!

First I would like to start by sayin that I hope you muh'fuckas are havin a lovely one out there in blog land. As for me? Maaan, FUCK tha weekend! I'm tired of bein cooped up like a damn slave who didn't kick it wit Harriet Tubman (i.e. A STUCK NEGRO!) I wanna go to the club! I wanna see some dudes! I wanna go throw my ass on a couple of somebodies just to tease they ass! Theres nothin better to do on the weekend than club here, but I cant exactly go in there when I got a full grown person restin in my damn stomach! And fuck a Blockbuster night. So I'm so lame that today I went and splurged at Walmart/Hobby Lobby/Jo Ann and bought a whole buncha shit to make me some scrap books. I'm only 20, goddamnit, I am NOT supposed to be in nobodies house at 9:28 pm on a Saturday! This SO is not me dude. I'd be EXTRA out right now if this was 7 months ago. Even my Mama and Daddy goin out! Anyway. That's a lost cause. Shoulda worn a rubber. Which brings me to my next point! Lyfe Jennings and that fuckin' "S.E.X" song. Dawg, I know you tryna tell these girls somethin positive, like wait for sex..thats all well and good, but Shut the fuck up. Really. Who's gonna be bout to get poked and right after the negro says "Lemme just put the head in", be like "OH MY GOD! YOU JUST WANT MY S.E.X, LYFE WAS RIGHT!". Cut that shit short homey. Maybe I'm just mad cuz I gave my S.E.X. up lol. Whatever though. Be good peoples. Don't do nothin I wouldn't do.

...which of course isn't much.


I Swear Its Deja Vu...

That is all.


I'm Salty..

This doesnt happen often! So my (somethin like) best friend is movin to Cali. Shes leavin right now as we speak, actually goin to the airport or whatever. She is goin to be with her husband who is a fuckin' idiot. I'm not just hatin. He really is. He puts his hands on her, and my god baby. He blew they whole savings on weed, and coke and liqour. He went to Mexico and bought 6 prostitutes. He cheated on her and got another girl pregnant (and wont even acknowledge the girl now). He's almost been kicked out the army bout 5 times now. The list goes on, and on. A wise person told me that I gotta let her make that decision. I agree with that, but nobody wants to see their friend doin dumb shit like that. I dont like her gettin her ass beat, thats foul shit...but dont bring my god child around that shit, y'know? She dont know NOBODY out there and he gonna be mistreatin her ass and she thinks she just gonna up and leave if he starts actin crazy. Negative. So, I'm extremely salty about that shit right now. I'm frustrated that I'm stuck here...AGAIN. It's not fuckin fair! I'm tryna bust my ass to get outta here and I'm still stuck *stomps foot* Plus, I'm tired of people tellin me about "the long run", man FUCK the long run! I'm worried about the half meter dash right now, gotdammit. I'm impatient. I can't help it, its part of my personality traits. I dont want it now, I want it RIGHT now.

BLAH. I wanna fight somebody.


Morris Effin Brown..

The video for Outkast's "Morris Brown" is HERE.

I can't get down with the whole midget thing, or people's heads comin outta walls and flowers and shit. So it scares the fuck outta me, but you might enjoy it.