The "6:16 AM" List...

1. its 6:16 am.
2. what does "a.m." stand for?
3. im convinced that i have SOME kinda sleepin disorder & nobody is gonna tell me any different!
4. i sleep in 3 hour increments.
5. he keep tellin me his opinion.
6. i need that like i need a dick in my ass!
7. bad example, but you know what i'm gettin at...
8. hopefully.
9. that old white lady said i was "a beautiful young girl"
10. i told my mama i dont believe the hype. old people always tryna say some nice shit to they can con their way into heaven!
11. stop askin me questions!
12. yes, i am west indian.
13. yes, i am the descendant of a slave or two
14. and i STILL dont like fried chicken!
15. "The name is Play/Dont dare play me cheap/The microphone is a broom/And I'mma sweep ya/Off ya feet/Wit feelins ya never felt/Another notch in the belt" - Play "House Party"
16. yes i do know that whole battle by heart
17. so FUCK a Fight Klub!
18. "I aint no joke/I use to let the mic smoke/Now I slam it when Im done and make sure its broke/When Im gone I wrote this song/ cuz I wont let Nobody press up and mess up to seen I set I like to stand in a crowd and watch the people wonder damn/But think about it then youll understand/Im just an addict addicted to music/Maybe its a habit, I gotta use it Even if its jazz or the quiet storm/I hook a beat up convert it in a hip hop form/Write a rhyme in graffitti in every show you see me in/Deep concentration cuz Im no comedian"- Rakim "I aint no joke"
19. and with that said...
21. I guess I'm the only one who gets a lil scared when Kandi pops outta nowhere in the "You & Dat" video...
22. "I cant sleep at night, I toss and turn listenin for the telephone!"-Bobby Brown
23. speakin of the telephone
24. sidekick TWO? so not the business
25. imma need next week to hurry up and come so i can upgrade =)
26. ... then he said "you are SO not ladylike"
27. i said "what the fuck you mean by that?!"
28. everything i tell ya'll is 100% factual,non-fictional,non-fabricated,un-tall taled & true!
29. Robin Thicke?
30. Now THATS a dope ass white boy!
31. "Don't make! Me kill! No muh'fuckin body in hurr! I'mma shoot! Three shots! Somebody done made me hot!"- 8ball & MJG "Dont Make"
32. yes, thats that ignorant shit i like
34. Maryland and Philly, ya'll ready for me again?
35. my dad is so hood
36. after every sentence, he says the word "Mayne!"
37. he is with out a doubt, on his Philly shit!
38. thats how ya feel?
39. "Domeek, who broke you put (foot)?"- 2 year old Damarion
40. I mean, it was swollen to vast extremities...
41. and I do NOT have to like G-Unit if I don't want to!
42. and Mase?
43. we don't believe you, you need more people!
44. "Hey! Who gives a fuck about friends? If you mix the bacon soda with it, you can get a benz!"- Jeezy "Air Forces"
45. Air Force Ones: The choice shoe of champions.
46. yeah, like YOU wasnt thinkin the same thing!
47. Glenn Lewis was that funk, where he at?
48. i may not be wifey material right now
49. ...but FUCK a compromise!
50. 106 degrees for the past 3 days?
51. i guess imma have to write a letter to mother nature
52. it will begin with "Fuck is up, yo?"
53. in case you were wonderin Pharrells LP, "In my mind"?
54. complete and utter garbalation
55. which means TRASH!
56. then he said "name a country that starts with B"
57. I said "Brazil!"
58. she said "Boston!"
59. I gotta stop associatin with these idiots.
60. two new Boondocks comic books on the way to the crib as we speak?
61. now THATS what it do!
62. You Tube + Amazon = Life.
63. and just for the fuck of it...



Maybe I'm too caught up in myself. I don't know. Maybe I just have a low, low, low, looooow tolerance for bullshit & ignorance (I like to think thats the answer). Anyways, I was talkin to this duck (female) yesterday that I used to be friends with back in the day (shes one of those "damn-I-aint-black-but-I-wanna-be-down-and-I-wish-I-could-say-the-N-word" types) and she asked me if I seen ATL. I said yeah. Then she asked me if I liked it. Again I said yeah. She told me she was dissapointed in it. So I was like "Well, why?"...now, this is where I got irritated...and I don't know if my irritation was justified, but I don't give a shit! She said "It wasn't even gangsta. They didn't shoot or kill nobody, and they didn't even really sell no drugs. I thought they was gonna do some Yung Joc stuff, and show me about the Trap" (I can't make this shit up yo. She actually said that Yung Joc shit). Now, I'mma need a collective "Ho, sit down" from the congregation. This is a bitch, mind you...that aint NEVER been out the state of KS, so what the fuck she know about shootin and killin and sellin drugs? That shit ain't somethin you wanna see ALL the time if you've really been around it. Then I said "Why we cant be doin nothin positive? Everytime ya'll go see a movie you want all the black people to get shot the fuck up or be doin drugs huh?" (I admitted the skatin' thing in the movie was kinda...ehhh). Anyway she told me she ain't mean it like that. Whatever. Maybe she didn't. Either way that shit was just plain ig'nant to say. Especially to somebody like me who always got their damn fist in the air. And YUNG JOC? Come on. If she absolutely HAD to pick somebody to represent the hood...YUNG JOC?! I'm through with that portion.

NOW...remember that 8 page paper I had to write? Yeaaah. That one. Well we turned in our rough drafts and went to pick em up yesterday. This...fuckin...whore...gonna tell us that NOBODY did the paper right and handed em back with like 68,000 marks. She told us that she couldn't give any of us a passin grade if she had to grade for finals right now. Now this bitch done marked some shit on my paper that she ain't even teach us! So how the fuck we posed to know? I know its college and all but...gotdamn! If the WHOLE class ain't pass...shouldn't that indicate a teachin' error? So that irritated me even more. If it wasn't for Rakim's "I ain't no joke" (which I'm BLASTIN right now) I'd probably be mad as shit right now. DEUCES!

"I'm just a addict/addicted to music/maybe it's a habit/I gotta use it"- Rakim


Wait...The Police Abuse People?!

Shutcho mouth and say it ain't so!

Read about ithere.

My take? Ya'll already know. White America, wake the fuck up. Like ya'll ain't know black folks been gettin abused by the police since they built the first damn police station. They always wanna act like shit like this is a surprise. As for that 'too old to prosecute' bullshit...I ain't buyin it. If that woulda been a black man that killed some white cops, they'd put indictments on that negro's grandchildren.

..Lovey Dovey Shit

"And we ended up on different paths/You found a man and you was somethin I could never have/I found my own/But my heart was severed in half/Just like a hata cuz I prayed that'chall wouldn't last/Its bad karma cuz its years and ya'll still together/A couple more and it'll start feelin like forever/It hurts more since I know that I'm somethin better/But if you in paradise I'll hold ya stormy weathers/Just for you"

Sweet right? Welp, that lil verse there is about none other than yours truly. I was over there checkin for Nsane's blog and I seen her post...made me kinda lovey dovey I guess. So that song is by my best friend in the whole world...who I kinda had a thing with wayyy back in the day...until I found the fucker that would become my child's father. Anyway...I hate wonderin "if"...like what if I woulda never went to such and such a place and met my Sons dad? How much different would shit be right now? Yeah yeah, everything happens for a reason, whatever. God MUST have a sense of humor cuz I bet that nigga (can I say that?) is up there chucklin it up.

"Lets take a second just to be real/I aint crazy girl I know you feelin me still/I heard ya face changes when they mention [censored lol]/Its no point tryna fight the feelins we feel/Its not healthy/Plus I always listen to you vent/About ya man and how he messes up ya time spent/Thinkin about yall together makes no sense/Only regret is that you not mine more or less/We best friends/So its cool/I can take that/Ya man dont want us seein eachother/I hate dat/But he knows what we got/Cant break dat/Lemme rephrase that/He know we go way back/I feel like I betrayed you/I got a son/You made it clear/It aint a problem that you not the one/That made me smile/From the jump you was always honest/Since the first time we met/Never broke a promise/So why can it never be?"

I'm sure everybody got that somebody that they wish they wouldnta let go, or let walk away or whateverthefuck the case may be. If I wasnt a lazy ass degenerate I'd upload the song.

"Its a shame we could never be/forever free/in this world we was blessed to see/my therapy is your voice yo/its ecstasy/if its my choice i wantchu right here next to me/so let it be"

Oh well. What they say? Its better to have loved two birds with one stone with a person in a glass house that throws a black pot to piss in out the window while callin the kettle black, or some shit right? =)



......"You aint gotta like me. You just mad cuz I tell it how it is, and you tell it how it might be"

I got told yesterday that I was and I quote: "Too mean". What the fuck is this? Third grade? I had to explain to this punk-pussy that I don't have to be "nice" to nobody if I dont want to. That ain't me. If the shit aint genuine, why front like I wanna be cordial to your ass and I don't? Fuck that shit son! I'M RAW! I KEEPS IT REAL! And my keepin' it real does NOT go wrong, ya dig? You aint gotta talk to me if you dont like it, shit. I also told 'em that if people was tryna step all over you all the time you wouldn't be too "nice" your goddamn self. People will exploit your kindness and take that shit for weakness at any chance they get. Thats why I fuck with about 4 people. I used to have a whole Amistad boat fulla niggas that I used to chill with bout 2 years ago...then some shit goes down and you see what muthafuckas are REALLY like...just deceitful and fake, I feel like if you not gonna be real with a person and be who you are around them all the time, whats the point in even dealin' with em? Them few people that I do fuck with though are the TRILLEST of the trill. I'd put money in the bank on that one. Anyway that just kinda pissed me off, so I had to blog about it.

Oh yeah. This pissed me the fuck off too! I'm tired of people sayin "You only got two months left!" (of bein pregnant). Mannn SHUT THE FUCK UP with that shit yo. First of all, I know how long I got. Second of all don't be comin at me like 2 months is a short time. BITCH your ass ain't pregnant and you don't know how the fuck I'm feelin right now! Yeah, you mighta been pregnant before... so what? You wasn't feelin the same way I'm feelin so take your lil opinions and stick em down your throat till you choke on em. I'm also tired of people tellin me what I'm not gonna be able to do after I have the baby...example: "You not gonna be able to go nowhere. Ever", "You gonna be broke all the time", "You gonna hate the first 3 months"...BITCH dont tell me what I'mma hate. Just cuz your ass got pregnant when you was 14 fuckin years old and your parents wasnt tryna help you out, does not mean that I'mma be as miserable as your fast ass was. Shouldn'ta been so hot in the ass and you wouldn't had all them damn problems. Don't try to tell me shit! Where the hell was your ass at when I was laid up in the bed with my knees on my fuckin forehead creatin a baby? Nowhere to be found. So thats where you need to be right now. Gotdammit. Excuse the hostility ya'll, but damn...people just need to let me deal with shit and quit tryna give me they worthless ass advice!

I'm goin to bed yo =/