Which one of you lovely people wanna help me out? I'm tired of usin bloggers wack ass templates. I'm pretty nice on the Paint Shop Pro, but my HTML is kinda thoed off. Anybody know how to put up their own templates (or got a cousins baby mamas uncle who knows how?)...and I wanna change my words and shit down there where it says "comments", thats so boring. Know any sites? People? Aliens? Cats? Rats? Chickens? Ducks? People with jobs? People without jobs? You get my drift like a ocean right? Right. Swalla back.



Fallin in love is like fallin off of a buildin', it doesn't hurt until the end.

Forgot where I seen it. But the shit is true.

thats my dawg!

Cuz today is June 1st, its my DAWG'S (read dog) birthday. Might seem a lil psycho to ya'll but my dog is a ridah. His name ALONE is gangsta. Boobie. Plain & simple. Just Boobie (although my mom tries to say his name is Midnite, which is completely un-gangsta), He's a Cockapoo (Cockerspaniel/Poodle),He got a iced out collar with a B medallion on it, Whats fuckin with that? I got Boobie when he was first born on June 1st, when I was goin into 4th grade. So you know...he's on some RELATIVE CLOSENESS type shit. Thats my ace boon coon right there. And that white around his lip? That's GRAY hair. Tell me that aint pimpin!


let there be chicken!

Salutations blogheads! I must say, I'm feelin extraordinarily gangsta right now. Why? Cause its thunderstormin & lightinin, and I got a big ass tub of hot water with my feet in it, under my desk, next to these eletric wires. (gangsta, stupid..tomato..tah-mah-to)*shrugs* Normally, my feet wouldnt be in a tub of water...but seein as how I thought I HAD to be cute today, and wear my GORGEOUS STILETTOS with the Swarvoski crystals on em (thats the eye candy ya peepin, upper left) my feet on swole like Esther Rolle after a Porkchop dinner. In case you aint up on thangs...pregnant women+skinny heels=fat ass sausage toes & hamhock ankles. All in the name of Memorial day. I couldn't step out lookin unfly today, not when there'd be so many people out and about on the block. I did the typical coon thing, hit up some BBQ's and ate. Somethin' has been tuggin at the depths of my soul today though. I didn't taste ONE GOOD BIT of chicken! I'm not a big chicken person myself (and FUCK YOU, cause I'm STILL BLACK!), but I can deal with BBQ chicken. I went to 3 BBQ'S. The first chicken was too dry. How the hell do you have some ol Sahara Desert-strike-a-match-start-a-fire ass BBQ chicken?! The second, tasted like it was marinated in salt for the past 13 and a half months. Then the third looked beautiful. Gorgeous. But tasted like a heap of burnt ass metal. So I ask you, America...WHERE WAS THE GOOD DAMN CHICKEN TODAY? On another note, all day long I've been thinkin about my Childs Pops. Poor baby is sittin over there somewhere in the fuckin desert on some secret ass mission, not able to use the phone, and for what? He doesn't even know why hes in Iraq. None of the boys that go over there and come back seem to know why. It pisses me the fuck off to be blatant about the situation. Especially since its Memorial day. Another thing that makes me mad, is when I have my son, he wont even be able to come to the U.S. and see him until November. Thats some ol fuck ass shit right there too. I was raised in a Military family, and my Pops and Moms were both in the Army. They BOTH told me that they've never heard no bullshit like a man not bein able to come home to see his child bein born. I dont wanna turn this into a bitch-and-moan-blog though...so I just wanna give my thanks to anybody (livin or deceased) thats in the service and fightin for me...although I dont know what the fuck ya'll fightin for since gas is STILL just above $3.00 Swalla back youngin's.