feel like swimmin?

My Ego is kinda hungry today, I feel like talkin about me, so YOU DEAR, LUCKY READER... welcome to the vast ocean of complexities that is Dominique. Put on your swim gear, bitches.

1. I am an only child. That might be why I'm selfish.
2. My parents are still married. Have been since wayyy before I was born. Corny ain't it?
3. I am a label whore. It's kinda become an obession, really. As shallow as it sounds, I HAVE TO at all times have SOMETHIN namebrand, whether it be Handbangs, (preferably Dior...cuz ANYBODY can get a Louis now), Shoes ( I only wear Nike or Jordan kicks...Im religious about it)I like my stilettos to be BCBG and even my damn LIPGLOSS, ( GOTTA be M.A.C or Dior). This sounds really bad when you read it, but hey I dont give a shit. It's me & I fully accept myself & all of the things that make me who I am.
4. I say what I want. That usually gets me in trouble.
5. I got kicked outta Highschool 2 weeks before graduation. My weak ass Principal told me I missed too many days, and TOLD ME, (I dont do well with people 'tellin me' anything) that I was a bad influence on other students. So since he already told me that I wouldn't be graduatin' I took it upon myself to tell him how I really felt. I distinctly remember sayin "I dont give a fuck about this school" and "It's not my fault those lames wanna be like me". In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea.
6. I have WAY too much pride. So much so that I dont even like askin for help. I wanna do everything on my own, and if I ask for help I feel like I'm failin' myself.
7. I hate followers more than anything in this world. Especially people who do what I do. When the whole world is goin left, I wanna be goin right...and I wanna be goin right by myself.
8. I cuss alot. But so fuckin what?!
9. I am a loyal person. I NEVER betrayed anybody that was close to me, even if they did me dirty. Thats just not my style. I coulda fucked up ALOT of peoples lives, but I just dont get down like that, and I cant see myself EVER doin that to anybody who I cared about at one time. Lame huh?
10. I'm hard headed & stubborn. I like to find stuff out for myself, even if I know it could be potentially bad.
11. I self analyze alot. I'm always askin myself why I did something, because I tend to do stuff without thinkin.
12. I am a dope muhfucka. Really. No matter what your definition of dope is, I AM THAT.
13. I'm probably one of the most complicated people on this planet. Take the average person you know, and twist em 360 degrees, and you'll get me outta that.

So theres me. No jokes. No funny blogs. Just real shit. Love me, or leave me alone.


Have you seen her?

I was about to go to bed, really. I just happened to turn on MTV jams & see Alicia Keys, and it reminded me of my lil cousin Jamia,and how excited she was when she met/sang with Alicia Keys.(and NO this aint no "love-you-like-a-play-cousin-cousin) Shes my blood cousin, my Dads Brother, James (who got murdered before I was even born) Is Jamia's Dads Dad. You'll probably have to read that more than once. You mighta seen her before. Shes been on damn near every show in America..(Good Mornin America, Soul Train Awards, Gospel Celebration, My Wife & Kids,Steve Harveys Big Time and she does the voice of Uniqua on The BackYardigans, Maury..etc) Anybody heard Talib Kweli's "Black Girl Pain"? She sings the hook on there, and her and my other cousin Olivia (no G-unit) are the little girls talkin in the beginnin. She also sang for president Douche Bush. But more recently shes in the movie about Fandango Fantasia Barrino's illiterate ass that came on Lifetime the other day. I'm so wack that I cant find no audio of her, so go Google Jamia Simone Nash if you're that bored. (Which you are).
Anyway the point is, she can sing. And she can sing better than alot of people who are grown with deals. I am SO FUCKIN proud of her, shes the sweetest lil thing on earth & I love her, I hadda dedicate a lil somethin somethin to her. (now she better cut the goddamned check!) =).


got questions? i aint got no answers.

1. why oh why oh why oh are we so in de-nial when we know we're not happy heee-yuh?
2. why does Mary J. want everybody to call the radio?
3. why dont I care about the Fugees gettin back together?
4. why the fuck would you wanna be a "Fugee" anyway? You see how they got treated in New Orleans =|.
5. whos doper than me?
6. dont you just hate pre-pay gas pumps?!
7. why is Ray J still pretendin to be relevant?
8. i dont got that bad of a mouth do i? fuckshitassbitchcuntshoobedydowop.
9. why was 6 scared of 7?
10. why do people think they can change my mind so easily? you might as well put on a red Adidas track suit and try teachin sign language to a enraged bull.
11. who gives a fuck about SNAP music? I'm from the south & I dont even like the shit. Imma make me my own dance & music, how bout the Shit On Yourself? Would that be whats goin on in the streets?
12. remember when starter made jerseys?
13. when did lil girls start gettin so grown?!
14. is there any video with out any video hosBackground Technicians in it?
15. who do you looooove?
16. are you for suuuuuuure?
17. dont Lupe Fiasco feel like your first breath after you did a David Blaine?
18. what happened to Milestone? The group that sang "I Care About You" on the Soul Food soundtrack, they had K-Ci and JoJo and some other unknown negros in the group.
19. why did Jadakiss exhibit flagrant coonery and get on a track with Paris Hilton?
20. am I the only one whos kinda scared of Fabo(D4L)?
21. what will happen today?
22. what WONT happen today?
23. ever feel like you're the only person who knows YOU?
24. do you like it?
25. why did my mom just poke her head in here and say "MESSAGE!" and leave the room?26. who loves their mommy more than me?
27. why does Young Jeezy sound like he has acute-tonsilitis?
28. who loves red powerade like i do?!
29. should i really meet you in the trap?
30. is it really goin down?
31. is anybody else wonderin about this shit other than me?

quote of the day:
" I am a semmeny-fo' year old black man from Alabama and I want my pork POKE! What sick motha would make Sausage out of a Turkey?!" - Grandpa on "Trippin".


only bitches say what they feel.

Thats the impression I got today from this punk ass crybaby ho bitch My friend. So I text her to ask her what shes doin, cuz I need to go see my Godbaby, I aint seen her in about 3 days. Anyways this is pretty much the convo:

lameasscrybaby: im at my moms wit cindy and ruth ::: dont they just SOUND like some ol Caramelatte drinkin hos? :::
dopeassME: Ew. I already ate my corn today.
lameasscrybaby: what you mean?
dopeassME: I dont need to be around no corny bitches. I dont like them hos.
lameasscrybaby: I don't know why!
dopeassMe: (rolls eyes) Cuz those ho's are lame. They try to act all "OMG HI!", when they see me but they think they better than me & they not dope at ALL.
lameasscrybaby: You are such a bitch!
dopeassME: (fightin my inner negro, cause its bout to come out) What? Cuz I dont like them preppy ho's I gotta be a bitch?
lameasscrybaby: You dont have to talk about them like that.
dopeassMe: Well put em on the phone. I'll tell them the same shit I just told you.
lameasscrybaby: (silent)

That was pretty much it. It just makes me mad that everytime I tell somebody what I feel, they call me a "bitch" or "mean". When really, I'm one of the ONLY good people left on this planet who say what they mean, sometimes I don't even do it on PURPOSE...it just comes out on some ol word vomit type shit. I cant control it. I dont want to either. I truly think it makes me a better person, cuz I'm not afraid to say what I want to say, whether it needs to be heard or not. Shit. I can say what I wanna say, they cant whoop my ass...so they better respect my muthafuckin mind! I guess for ya'll to understand the situation more, my friend is Korean...and so are Cindy and Ruth. Now, this is gonna sound bad...but I cant get down with them ho's mainly because they're so...SQUARE compared to me. They're like .. Bill O'Reilly and I'm Too$hort. Complete polar opposites. I used to be cool with em in Middle School, but you know how shit goes when you get to Highschool. You get with who you fit with. They fit with Abercrombie, I fit with Akademics and Rocawear. Who the fuck said I had to like everybody in the world anyway? I'm by no means a hateful or mean person, I just calls em like I sees em. In other HO news: My Childs Poppa's Mom called today. She made it to D.C. (blank stare). She askin 38 questions, I gave her evasive answers. Who the hell is she anyways? The Feds? She always asks me has her son called. I always tell her no. Its fucked up, but he doesn't call her. (hes in Iraq for anybody who doesnt know). He tells me if she asks, "He didn't call". (shrugs shoulders). It's finally hittin me that some people generally suck at life. You should NEVER do your moms like that, even though Im not crazy about her, he should at LEAST call and let her know that he ain't kicked the bucket. (sigh) Thats outta my control though. AND FINALLY, I dont watch American Idol. I wouldnt say I was a fan. BUT, WHO IN THE GODDAMN HELLSHIT VOTED FOR KATHARINE MCPHEE TO STAY? I'm pissed about it, because frankly, the bitch is garbage. America, you suck. I didn't intend for this blog to be long. I'm ventin though. So blow me.

uncut note: my dad just broke me off a nice chunk of change. wheres the 2$ T-Bone steak man when you need him? =|.

Todays Compilation.

I broke my CODE OF DOPENESS. This dont happen often. I violated rule number G14, no swagger jackin'! However, I only swagger jack when I feel like some shit is just SO DOPE that it needs my rendition. So Teej, feel honored. Cuz I'm makin me a list.

1. i got a nasty taste in my mouf.
2. sonic doesnt care about black people.
3. i found it!
4. now i gotta pay shippin and handlin =(
5. meet me in duh cluuuuuh-b, its goin down!
6. he pulled into our driveway with a deepfreezer in the bed of his truck
7. i aint never seen this nigga in life
8. hes sellin t-bone steaks
9. 2$ a peice
10. everybody got a hustle
11. im a camera whore
12. culture club is hot shit
13. rock the boat, dont sink the ship
14. "the patterns of love & the patterns of insanity are similar"-unknown
15. aint that the fuckin truth?
16. i hope hes ok
17. why the fuck are we at war anyways?
18. i need gas to be 1.86 again.
19. dont you?
20. well bitch, DO YOU?!
21. i'd hump his bones!
22. i bet you can't whoop my ass!



I dont know what it is to have a dull moment in life. Maybe I'll have one soon. Especially when I'm with my family. Lil background on us...My mom was born & raised in Plant City, Florida (about a half hr. away from Tampa, and my pops was born in Johnstown PA, and raised in Philly. So both sides of the family are loud and/or just dont give a fuck. Example: Today I'm on the phone with my lil cousin Nairee, who is 4 years old. I told Nairee he better stop bein bad before I come up there and beat his butt. He replied "Spider-Man will kick your fuckinass!", exactly like that. Now you know how you're not sposed to laugh when lil kids say cuss words, cause it encourages them? Well, that shit went right out the back window. Because I was fuckin ROLLIN harder than a pound of sticky in the hood, ya dig? That was the highlight of my afternoon. Then we have the case of the missin Iraqi address. I was sposed to send my Child's Poppa some shit to Iraq (oatmeal creme pies, pickled sausage, magazines with whores on em etc), so I get the box, buy all the shit, wrap it up and what have you...then what happens? I cant find the fuckin address. I think I mighta deleted it outta my Sidekick one of the days when he pissed me the fuck off. That'll be me. Doin shit without thinkin first. Thats one of my best qualities though, if you ask me. Anyway, I dont wanna call his punk ass mama, cause I believe the bitch used me. *shocked face* See, before he left...he left the vehicle with me [rick] whip it real hard, WHIP IT, WHIP IT REAL HARD![/ross] and she came and got it on Friday. She was sposed to call me when she got back to D.C., and err--its Tuesday. So the bitch better be dead, or her phone better be cut off, cuz you dont use me...I OWN YOU. you dont have to calllllllll, its okaaaay girll... But I digress. In other news; I had yet another wet dream about the fabulistically, nourishmentally challenged, T.I. I told my mama that I thought it was a sign. She said I was Quote: "Fuckin crazy, now hand me that remote" (please note that the remote in question was about 3 inches from her hand, and about 8 from mine). So many blogs, so lil time.

uncut note: remember those goggles Mase wore in the "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" video? Why aint those fly? Since niggas is wearin Stunna Shades, I think I'mma Franco Harris (throw back) on em and rock goggles to the club.


exceedingly wealthy teenagers are wack.

I was watchin that ballbag of a show "My Super-Sweet 16" (dont that shit just SOUND like some ol soggy corndoggy mess?) on MTV. I came to a couple conclusions with the fabuloustastical mind that I have. Number one, who the fuck made it so that 16 was such a "special age?". Whats so effin "special" about it? You still cant buy tobbacco legally. Or go to the club legally. Is it cause you can DRIVE? That can't possibly be it, cause in the state of KS, you can get a license at 14. So what prompts these douche bag swallowin parents to spend thousands of dollars on a party, when they need to be savin it cause lil Amber is gonna get knocked up sometime this year, so they'll need all the cake they can get. Secondly, WHY do they put shit like this on tv? To make poor lil LaQuasha jealous cause all she got at her party was Tommy The Clown, 4 Drunk ass Clown dancers & a birthday cake made outta Oreo's and breadcrumbs? I got a idea. How bout we fuckin STOP spoilin these lil fuckas, at LEAST till they turn 18 and can get a legitimate job to pay us back the goddamn hundred and eighty G's we dropped on their lil stank ass birthday? I personally plan to mollywhop my son and land the bottom of my Air Force on the top of his head if he even fixes his mouth to say he wants a "BIG PARTY" for his 16th birthday. Then, the way these lil mothafuckas be talkin to their parents? YELLIN AT EM and shit? I'd be done (yeah, I said it) told him that his Daddy dont love him and all types of shit. Whew. Mothafuckas done got me all hot and bothered.

random note: I just seen T.I.'s video for "Why you wanna", and my womanly parts is Harlem Shakin/Krumpin/Goin Dumb/Snap Dancin and every goddamn thing else under the sun. I would HOUSE that nigga. He aint ready, I'd turn his lil bony ass OUT!


I got thoughts. I want answers.

1. David Blaine is the devil. Not a magician. Who gives a hell if he can stay under water for 8 minutes? Wheres the magic in that? If he woulda stayed underwater for one minute & pulled a rabbit outta his ass, I woulda been impressed then.

2. Landmark National Bank doesnt care about black people. Today I went to cash my lil check that my Pops gave me for Smothers Day yesterday, guess how long I sat in my car waitin? 17 minutes. 17 FUCKIN MINUTES. I'm thinkin to myself that if I woulda deposited the check instead, I woulda had $500.00 saved up in interest by the time I left that ho.

3. Dont Paris and Fandango Fantasia look kinda related?

4. What the fuck happened to Kevin Costner?

5. Is anybody really surprised when Dmx gets arrested Again?

6. There aint shit on tv.

7. I think LL Cool J got a lil suga wooga booga bear in his tank.

8. I kinda retract number 6. Desperate Houswives is a great show. It lets me know that rich white folk have more problems than the average broke black folk.

9. Does T.I. really got a Louis Nap Sack where he's holdin all the work at?

10. What you know about that?



Rest assured tramps, I'm not tryna steal your shine..I got my own glowin aura, so i dont need yours. why the sudden outburst of hostility? cause like my mama says "These hos aint got no manners" (yes, she really does say that). Case in point: Today I'm at Subway, cause I was cravin a Spicy Italian sammich for some reason, and I see my boy Q in there. Now, me and Q used to kick it back in the day, he was feelin me but I really wasnt all into him like that cause I had just broke up with his homeboy about three days earlier & he was ALREADY tryna holla. so theres your background. Anyway, I see him and I'm like "Whaddup Q?" and he's all "WHADDUP GIRL, BLAH BLAH..." mad gassed & soundin all thirsty for love and shit. I aint pay it no mind. I get up to the counter to order my sammich, and this lil yella creature (no hate), comes boltin from the back, I guess she seen the whole "scene" between me and him go down. She comes out from behind the counter and does some ol sloppy kiss on the mouth shit to Q. THEN, THENNN...the bitch LOOKS at me. Now, I read alot into looks, hers said "I'm threatened by you. Cause I know you a dope ass bitch & I'ma lame who works at Subway & probably has no means of transportation (hence why he was pickin me up), so lemme kiss on this nigga that you couldnt be less interested in, in hopes of makin you feel dumb". So I push down my Fossil shades on some racial-profilin-police-cop, type tip and look her dead in the eyes. Again, looks say everything so mine musta said "I'll piss on you AND him, cause I'm just that fuckin gully". Q laughs a lil bit, cause he knows how I am. I'm Southern Cuzzin and I dont tolerate bullshit, and then he tells her to come on, because AGAIN he knows how I am, and I have no problem bustin a bitch in the head, however un-ladylike it is. The point is this. I don't want nobody elses man. I'm fine and satisfied with what I got right now. I don't snatch niggas from other females (no matter how capable I may be), for what? Why do I want your wack ass left overs when I can go get my own fresh plate, yadadadmean? So ho, sit down. Females have GOT to be some of the DUMBEST creatures on this earth, hands-fuckin-down. If you're gonna be insecure, do it behind closed doors ladies, thats a turn off to your man. *shakes fist* *Does some ol DMX growlin noise*. That'll be all.