all the playas came, from far and wide..

Wearin afros and braids and kickin them gangsta rides, now immmm here to tell ya, theres a better day when the playas ball is happenin all day everyday. yes.yes. I miss Outkast, very much...hence the reason i'm blastin "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic" and not really givin a fuck if i wake somebody up (i know yall lovin the circa '94 pic before Andre Benjamin got on this camel fur kick, and was just a simple nigga rockin a Footlocker referee tee and of course Big Boi is cooler than a polar bears tonails). SO IMAGINE how damn excited I am to hear 'the Mighty O'. Although, in the immortal words of Hov "Niggas back up, they know I'm not no FRONTA"...I cannot tell a lie and say I wasnt a tad dissapointed. Why? Cuz I thought the song was about orgasms..SHIT, thats the only 'MIGHTY O', im concerned about these days. *sigh* perverted. other than that, the shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s [no holla back girl]. its the prototype. hopefully it'll get some *ahem* SPINS, cause im tired of havin to see niggas snap they fingers, jerk they necks, and stand on one toe and grab their foot. [not to mention hearin about bein on kryptonite all night & all day, cuz you damn sho' wont find me in the A]. what happened to hip hop anyway? my treasured baby has become a commercial whore, lettin anybody run up in her, do her any kinda way & fuck up her credibility. this wasnt sposed to turn into a Hipolitical blog though. thats for a later date. i gotta kick, push, and coast outta here.



aight stop. corroberate and listen. [does he really say corroberate, or is my memory disservin me right now?] so i come to a couple random conclusions as im skippin through everybody elses blogs [seein as how i dont have shit to post];

conclusion one: SOMEBODY out there better fuckin read this shit. i dont care if its Jebbadiah Sykes from Pisspot, Mississippi. just lemme know i didnt get lost in the huslte and bustle of blogger. cuz i RAN my space. fuckwhachaheard.

conclusion two: Prince is DAT NIGGA. no question about it. how do i know? cuz im up here doin the gumby at 12:46am listenin to "Oh Sheila", name a dude out right now that can make you do THAT?

conclusion three: BET is MUCHO GARBAGGIO. wheres the good shit? i hope they not expectin me to tune in & watch 106 & Fart wit Julissas bulimic/anorexic/just fuckin hungry ass, featurin Big "I like to scream for no fuckin reason at all" Tigga. and i thought i hated AJ'S gay ass. negative. BRING FREE AND AJ BACK, YOU COCKSUCKAS!

conclusion four: Jeezy, gimme a break. im tired of hearin about all the coke you done sold, seen, touched and gave to random video hos. shits old. as much dope as you seen, you should be locked up next to Shyne & C-Murder. it was cute at first "patty cake patty cake microwave", now its gettin gay "stretch four ways like laffy taffy-turn white like favo's glasses". tell me that shouldnt go in the catalouge of wack ass rap lines [along with Diddys verse on "I'll be missin you"] heres some advice, get a throat lozenge and call me in the mornin.

i think thats all ya'll need for free tonight.

(sidebar*:i wanna deedleleedle lee..leedle leedle leedle lee. oh! oh Sheila...ah ah oh SHEILA!)


welcome to blogspot.

THATS right mf'ers. i welcomed my damn self to blogger. call me Game, cuz i dont need your loooove. this just happens to be my first blog on here. EVER. i left the metropolis of My Space, because i was tired of the friend requests, top 8 and all that wackness. when all i wanna do is type a couple lines about the funny shit that happens to me on a daily. (minus good grammar and punctuation). so, welcome to that which is me.