Remeber playin Uno? When you had 3 cards left, and your friend had a couple more... so you think you got it in the bag, right? So you throw down that yellow 5 cause you are SO sure thats what you gotta do, and you got 2 cards left, then...outta nowhere, that mothafucka pulls the wildcard on your ass. Now, the wildcard can play to your advantage, or it can fuck you raw with no lube (its usually the latter). Forget life bein a highway (and ridin it all night long), life is one big, long uno game. Only in this uno game, theres more wildcards than regular cards. I thought I had my yellow 5, but it turns out that I'm drawin a wildcard. This mighta been another one of my 'you'll change your mind later' moments. I don't know though. So, I'm sittin on the floor watchin Flavor of Love 2 (yeah, good time to have a epiphany, right?) and I think about how I used to wanna join the Air Force. Yeah. Me. In the Air Force. Stop Laughin. College is good and great and it gives you education and blah-dee-fuckin-blah, but who's to say that when I finish I'm 100% sure that I'll get the job I want or need? Nobody. College is a wildcard. At least if I go in the Air Force I got a definite income, my son'll have benefits and I COULD still go to school. His dad is in the Army and all, but I don't like the whole havin to depend on him to do the right thing by his kid, cause the truth is...he probably wont. Whatever. I don't even know if this is what I really wanna do. It just sounds good. Then again, I don't know about me in ANYBODY's military, cause I don't really do good with discipline...I dunno. I'm still playin uno though, so chances are I'll put that card off to the side and pick up another one sometime soon, cause thats just how you play the game.


Blogger Teej said...

For the record....dont nooooobody wanna see Teej in no Uno. Fuck around and get ya feelings hurt doing that.

For real though....I like the analogy. Life if like Uno. And it is hella wildcards to be dealt with.

As far as you....Id just advise you to maybe write out the pros and cons of each. b/c that military shit is something else. I know for me the thought of having school paid for was tempting, but I know how I am with authority. I wouldnt have made it.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Redstallyun said...

On everything I love, I compared life to Uno the other day wit this nigga. I told him to kindly use the "skip" card cause I'm a "wildcard" that he don't know what to do wit.
It fits your situation better tho- your analogy is better. (pursue that writin lady!) Damn I miss that game- I suck at "real" card games. I tried to whip the Uno cards out my purse like "WHAT!"- them fools tried to laugh me away from the table.

9:43 PM  
Blogger wun_knight said...


I like the page but it's kinda missin somfin'. I can't put mah finger on it tho. Nah, but it kinda jumps out at you kinda like the post you leave.

Kinda feeling you on the analogy too. Life can go flip shyt on you in many ways at any given time and you just gotta hope you got the right cards to play. Good shyt, though.

I thought the military wasn't the right move for me at the time but seeing how I wasn't able to finish college I saw it as an outlet. You know, see the world, learn a trade, get money for school, and all that mess. I had the cards laid out for me but I didn't play them when I should have or I would be a lot further along in the game. Officer, making big cheese and all that, but as it is, I'm doing okay. Like Teej said, weigh you options and then make a decision. I am sure that it will come to you which way you should go. I've always thought journalism would be a good fit for ya, but you're the one who has to wear it. Be easy.


3:37 AM  

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