..Lovey Dovey Shit

"And we ended up on different paths/You found a man and you was somethin I could never have/I found my own/But my heart was severed in half/Just like a hata cuz I prayed that'chall wouldn't last/Its bad karma cuz its years and ya'll still together/A couple more and it'll start feelin like forever/It hurts more since I know that I'm somethin better/But if you in paradise I'll hold ya stormy weathers/Just for you"

Sweet right? Welp, that lil verse there is about none other than yours truly. I was over there checkin for Nsane's blog and I seen her post...made me kinda lovey dovey I guess. So that song is by my best friend in the whole world...who I kinda had a thing with wayyy back in the day...until I found the fucker that would become my child's father. Anyway...I hate wonderin "if"...like what if I woulda never went to such and such a place and met my Sons dad? How much different would shit be right now? Yeah yeah, everything happens for a reason, whatever. God MUST have a sense of humor cuz I bet that nigga (can I say that?) is up there chucklin it up.

"Lets take a second just to be real/I aint crazy girl I know you feelin me still/I heard ya face changes when they mention [censored lol]/Its no point tryna fight the feelins we feel/Its not healthy/Plus I always listen to you vent/About ya man and how he messes up ya time spent/Thinkin about yall together makes no sense/Only regret is that you not mine more or less/We best friends/So its cool/I can take that/Ya man dont want us seein eachother/I hate dat/But he knows what we got/Cant break dat/Lemme rephrase that/He know we go way back/I feel like I betrayed you/I got a son/You made it clear/It aint a problem that you not the one/That made me smile/From the jump you was always honest/Since the first time we met/Never broke a promise/So why can it never be?"

I'm sure everybody got that somebody that they wish they wouldnta let go, or let walk away or whateverthefuck the case may be. If I wasnt a lazy ass degenerate I'd upload the song.

"Its a shame we could never be/forever free/in this world we was blessed to see/my therapy is your voice yo/its ecstasy/if its my choice i wantchu right here next to me/so let it be"

Oh well. What they say? Its better to have loved two birds with one stone with a person in a glass house that throws a black pot to piss in out the window while callin the kettle black, or some shit right? =)


Blogger Nika Laqui said...


Awww, my mushy lovey dovey-ness has rubbed off on Nique, the heartless...*lol*

Love is a beautiful thing.

Even though me and my BD been through everything under the sun, I still wouldn't take it back....

I sit over here daydreaming, of how our lives will be once he gets out, if he changes for the better... a happy black family. I would marry him, if he gets his act together, marry him???

Yea, I said it, no one knows and understands me like he does....and I want more kids, but not by different fathers, so there....
Besides, I'm not having no more kids til I'm married...

11:11 AM  
Blogger Nique=Dope. said...

Mine ain't gonna get his act together, Nsane. He's a fuckass lol...he was always a asshole but it was cute and endearin' back then...now it just pisses me the fuck off....but I said the exaccct same thing, if I have another one after this one, it gotta be by him...or if I happen to be married to a nigga. Cuz I swear...I'm not havin sex again till I get married lol.

11:35 AM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

ALl ik now is u better keep that shit in Kansas anD CHicago cuz LOVE dont live in BOston baby!!!!Naw, i wish i had somebody that made me mushy well I Did but he's gone on to a better place.......but you know to be somebody's world, the center of their universe..their everyting

3:01 PM  
Blogger wun_knight said...

Yeah, everyone has that one, huh? What makes it worse is that most of the time, no matter how good it was and how the situation ended, you can always look back and say, "We were right for each other, but the timing was bad." I mean that at least let's you get through the reminiscing part.

Cool lyrics. While I won't get as deep into it as you ladies, I will say that everyone should be able to relate to this post. Makes you wish those special people that enter and leave our lives would come with some kind of icon over their heads that basically says, "It ain't gonna get any better than this. Well...at least not for you."

3:12 PM  
Blogger Redstallyun said...

I KNOW with er'thing in me, my ex ain't for me, but he makes me feel like I'm the best thing since sliced bread when we around each other- but I'm tellin you 5 min. after we part, I start havin conversations wit myself about what I'm gonna say to him to get rid of him. We went to lunch today-mind you he live with his BM, but says he don't want to- me an' her done had words, and I gotta nice can a mase for her ass. She's a fuckin buffalo compared to me!(5'3"-size 15)I like to call her "Sloppy Jaloppy".

Love makes you blind and ignorant to common sense sometimes. I have NO business messin wit him, but I can't get 'em outta my system. I actually HATE that I DO love him.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

Well, I can't say no more sex til marriage...sorry you on yo own with that one....I would think you would be horny as 2 devils, being pregnant and all, I know I was masterbating like a mutha....
I asked the doctor will the vibration give my baby the jitters...*lol*

But I think I am gone TRY to hold out til he gets home...besides I'm tired of meaningless, no strings attached sex....I miss all those things I blogged about...and that only comes in a relationship...

5:22 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

YOu never know he just might get his act right....time changes people, all you have is your hope and faith....

5:22 PM  
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