the "bitch, im strapped!" list...

1. people been disrespectin my gangsta alot lately
2. baby dad, local hos, college teachers ...
3. what they dont know is...BITCH IM STRAPPED!
4. so im feelin extra upset today
5. culmination of shit
6. "I'm goin to get me some muthafuckin toasted oats!"-Marvin on Love Jones
7. and i love him for what reason?
8. she told her daddy he wasnt shit
9. i woulda beat her ass
11. i been sayin that all day long
12. shut the fuck up @ fireworks
13. sounds like im on the fuckin Gaza strip!
14. im hell bent on gettin the fuck up outta here before November
15. he comes back in November
16. i dont think i give too much of a fuck
17. then he told me "you are the stupidest bitch i ever met!"
18. so i said "i hope you fuckin die. i hope them Haji's blow your ass away"
19. yeah. it was that deep.
20. "When you love someone, you just dont treat them bad"-Donnell Jones "Where I wanna Be"
21. i aint for all that sappy love song bullshit but gotdammit...
22. "Dont have to stay with someone that makes you cry/You'll end up killin all the love you have inside"- Boys II Men "Pass You By"
23. i think im gettin there
24. he makes me smile
25. especially since hes only 2 and says stuff like "I love you Domeek"
26. i like to think he's sincere
27. another fucking firework....
28. my neighbor is a 80 year old woman
29. with a boyfriend
30. i cant help but wonder if they be gettin down
31. havin the whole block smellin like icy hot & geritol
32. they just brought me 12 roses for no reason
33. i guess SOMEBODY cares about me
34. its dumb to take a nigga back if they cheated on you
35. it be's like that sometimes though
36. oh yeah, caffiene free coke=that brand new heavy fiyah
37. "You told me whatchu wanted/I gave you whatchu need/I told you that I love you/Make it good for you & me/I never make a promise/That I cant keep/That aint me" -Dru Hill "Never make a promise"
38. eye doctor appointment tomorrow
39. hospital appointment thursday
40. interview friday
41. he always sayin some slick shit
42. undoubtedly, he dont know that BITCH IM STRAPPED!
43. "Cuz I'm a real nigga & Ion like rappers"- Jeezy
44. im thinkin bout changin my major to child counselin
45. imagine how fucked up the world would be then
46. bitch keep askin about me!
47. "Niggas better get up outta mine, before I creep and turn ya projects into Columbine"- The Game "Hate it or Love it remix"
48. Game was on change of heart?
49. yeah. G-pass revoked!
50. while we on the subject
51. spiderman > superman
52. that wasnt on the subject at all, was it?
53. "See maybe/there was somethin wrong/And you werent tellin me/Noooo/See maybe/the laughs on me/and life was tellin me a joke"-NERD "Maybe".
54. is that what it was?
55. and the gas prices are fuckin outrageous!
56. gotta sell crack to buy a gallon
57. im done tryna fix shit that cant be fixed
58. why?


Blogger Redstallyun said...

Is Lover's Paradise turnin into Hell? Ugh! These niggaz just don't know! It's so funny the things you say you won't let happen, then love happens...Said I'd NEVER take a nigga back after cheatin- like you said- it be like that sometimes. Letoya's song "Torn" has been gettin me lately, and the song on my myspace by Teedra Moses is RIGHT (the words). Him and er'y bullshittyass nigga I've known are motivation for my shirts too- just a big fat FUCKYOUSUCKA ASS NIGGAZ- they think I'm jokin when I say I'm GONE have what the FUCK I WANT one day, cause I got GOALS!Niggaz don't know a good bitch when they got one I swear! Yeah- I AM difficult sometimes, but that's the price you pay for gettin somethin so fuckin lovely! I come wit ALL the perks!

10:13 AM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

You crazy...but I love it...

Girl, I hope you and Teej dont mind, I'm bout to do one of these...*lol*

I don't feel like bloggin today...

11:33 AM  
Blogger Honey-Libra said...

Gotta love these lists....you end up writing so much lol..

4:44 PM  
Blogger Nique=Dope. said...

LMAO always @ Red

Yo Nsane...I totally swagger jacked this listin stuff from Teej =x...I'm sure he wont mind. and if he do we can go rough him up a lil bit.

Hell yeah @ Honey libra

8:58 PM  
Blogger jk with an E said...

20, 22, 37... feelin' it right about now

10:12 PM  
Blogger Teej said...

you forgot the 'you trippin!' at the end of the toasted oats line. that shit completes it!

im loving your list niquey.

im mad your shit sounds like the gaza strip though. lol

3:09 AM  
Blogger 911 said...

Sounds like your stressed homie, good thing you got a blog and not a gun.

5:52 AM  

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