The "6:16 AM" List...

1. its 6:16 am.
2. what does "a.m." stand for?
3. im convinced that i have SOME kinda sleepin disorder & nobody is gonna tell me any different!
4. i sleep in 3 hour increments.
5. he keep tellin me his opinion.
6. i need that like i need a dick in my ass!
7. bad example, but you know what i'm gettin at...
8. hopefully.
9. that old white lady said i was "a beautiful young girl"
10. i told my mama i dont believe the hype. old people always tryna say some nice shit to they can con their way into heaven!
11. stop askin me questions!
12. yes, i am west indian.
13. yes, i am the descendant of a slave or two
14. and i STILL dont like fried chicken!
15. "The name is Play/Dont dare play me cheap/The microphone is a broom/And I'mma sweep ya/Off ya feet/Wit feelins ya never felt/Another notch in the belt" - Play "House Party"
16. yes i do know that whole battle by heart
17. so FUCK a Fight Klub!
18. "I aint no joke/I use to let the mic smoke/Now I slam it when Im done and make sure its broke/When Im gone I wrote this song/ cuz I wont let Nobody press up and mess up to seen I set I like to stand in a crowd and watch the people wonder damn/But think about it then youll understand/Im just an addict addicted to music/Maybe its a habit, I gotta use it Even if its jazz or the quiet storm/I hook a beat up convert it in a hip hop form/Write a rhyme in graffitti in every show you see me in/Deep concentration cuz Im no comedian"- Rakim "I aint no joke"
19. and with that said...
21. I guess I'm the only one who gets a lil scared when Kandi pops outta nowhere in the "You & Dat" video...
22. "I cant sleep at night, I toss and turn listenin for the telephone!"-Bobby Brown
23. speakin of the telephone
24. sidekick TWO? so not the business
25. imma need next week to hurry up and come so i can upgrade =)
26. ... then he said "you are SO not ladylike"
27. i said "what the fuck you mean by that?!"
28. everything i tell ya'll is 100% factual,non-fictional,non-fabricated,un-tall taled & true!
29. Robin Thicke?
30. Now THATS a dope ass white boy!
31. "Don't make! Me kill! No muh'fuckin body in hurr! I'mma shoot! Three shots! Somebody done made me hot!"- 8ball & MJG "Dont Make"
32. yes, thats that ignorant shit i like
34. Maryland and Philly, ya'll ready for me again?
35. my dad is so hood
36. after every sentence, he says the word "Mayne!"
37. he is with out a doubt, on his Philly shit!
38. thats how ya feel?
39. "Domeek, who broke you put (foot)?"- 2 year old Damarion
40. I mean, it was swollen to vast extremities...
41. and I do NOT have to like G-Unit if I don't want to!
42. and Mase?
43. we don't believe you, you need more people!
44. "Hey! Who gives a fuck about friends? If you mix the bacon soda with it, you can get a benz!"- Jeezy "Air Forces"
45. Air Force Ones: The choice shoe of champions.
46. yeah, like YOU wasnt thinkin the same thing!
47. Glenn Lewis was that funk, where he at?
48. i may not be wifey material right now
49. ...but FUCK a compromise!
50. 106 degrees for the past 3 days?
51. i guess imma have to write a letter to mother nature
52. it will begin with "Fuck is up, yo?"
53. in case you were wonderin Pharrells LP, "In my mind"?
54. complete and utter garbalation
55. which means TRASH!
56. then he said "name a country that starts with B"
57. I said "Brazil!"
58. she said "Boston!"
59. I gotta stop associatin with these idiots.
60. two new Boondocks comic books on the way to the crib as we speak?
61. now THATS what it do!
62. You Tube + Amazon = Life.
63. and just for the fuck of it...


Blogger Charles said...

You don't like fried chicken?? Sorry to hear that...that just means more Popeye's for me!! Oh yeah...A.M. stands for ante meridiem (don't ask me how I know...damn..I am a nerd..) and it's a latin abbreviation. P.M. is post meridiem...while noon is neither AM nor PM. Ante means before...while post means after...meridiem is midday.

Yeah...and where the hell is Glenn Lewis?? And when is Robin Thicke's cd coming out??

I can't do the sidekick thing...I'm gonna need a normal phone. I can't see myself talking into a brick...but thats just me

12:22 PM  
Blogger Teej said...

15. Niquey...werent you all of like 2 when House Party came out with ya young ass? LMAO.....Thats my shit though.

21. Im still tripping that they got her to sing that shit!

43. word word!

51/52. Can you do that?

59. Dude who you be kicking it with? LMAO

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ante meridiem (a.m., from Latin, literally "before midday") and post meridiem (p.m., "after midday"). Courtesy of wikipedia.org

9:54 PM  
Blogger wun_knight said...

Interesting...about the fried chicken thing, I mean. I'm wit your boy on the Popeye's tip. I'll take your share.

Good reference to old skool hip hop, though! I ain't even thought about Rakim and Erik B in a while.

I was in Singapore and they got mad ass colors for Air Force 1s out here. I was trippin'. This one cat bought 7 pair. That ran him about $600 right there. Shyt, the new MJs were going for $210. I looked down at the kicks I had on, licked my finger and removed one smudge and kept it movin'. F*ck that!

8:44 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

I'm wondering the same thing, what does am or pm stand for??? I'm bout to google search it....

No one, needs a dick in they ass, so I feel ya!...*lol*

Girl, I love that ignit shit too....thats my joint 8ball and MJG, you bout to make me put on Memphis City Blues....said I got the blues....

Robin Thicke is not white!!..*lol* He got tooo much soul....

Don't you hate that unlady like statement, did you forget, I break the muthafucka rules, BITCH!!! Up yo ass with that ladylike shit!!!

FUCK HIP HOP,"I'm a real nigga, and I don't like rapppers"- Jeezy

Don't trip, when I was pregnant, I couldn't sleep either...pillow between my legs still ain't cut it, I was up all hours of the night and day, just thinking about shit....

11:15 AM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

Thanks anon, now I don't have to go to Wikipedia, thats where I was on my way to...

11:16 AM  
Blogger T.C. said...

28. no other way to go in life...
35. My dad is so hood...

totally can relate...but mines is hood & old school....

9:50 AM  
Anonymous thatgirl said...

Fried chicken is my shit I can eat it all day everyday I love cold fried chicken its the absolute best

Robin Thicke is a sexya ss white boy who can get it

I don't like G Unit either

4:00 PM  

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