thats my dawg!

Cuz today is June 1st, its my DAWG'S (read dog) birthday. Might seem a lil psycho to ya'll but my dog is a ridah. His name ALONE is gangsta. Boobie. Plain & simple. Just Boobie (although my mom tries to say his name is Midnite, which is completely un-gangsta), He's a Cockapoo (Cockerspaniel/Poodle),He got a iced out collar with a B medallion on it, Whats fuckin with that? I got Boobie when he was first born on June 1st, when I was goin into 4th grade. So you know...he's on some RELATIVE CLOSENESS type shit. Thats my ace boon coon right there. And that white around his lip? That's GRAY hair. Tell me that aint pimpin!


Blogger Charles said...

Thats a cute dog...I want a dog...

11:11 AM  
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