3 AM

My closet looks like the book of Revelations came to pass. 3:06AM Friday Evenin/Saturday Mornin, Dru Hill (Sleepin In My Bed) blastin and I'm on fuckin BLOGGER. *shakes head. Just tryna do ANYTHING but get down there and pick up the mass of shoes, purses and clothes that done found themselves a home in the bottom of my garment facilitator. Oh yeah. The pic up there has no purpose whatsoever. (However, any of you niggas makin videos for UNCUT..feel free to contact me. Nah. I'm just kiddin like Jason. Unless ya gon do it) WAIT, SHIT, its my blog...I aint gotta explain shit to you muthaeffas! *shrugs


I dare ANY muthafucka to try to tell me Dru Hill wasn't/isn't the shit. Somebody's sleepin in my beeed baby...


Blogger S. Monarch said...

they used to be...

but that Dru World Order album was just as bad as Sisqo's Return of Dragon album. Its been what... three years since they put out anything? Guess dem nukkaz fell off

7:02 AM  
Blogger wun_knight said...

Ummm...I only liked DRU HILL'S first album and maybe two songs on the other. That one song Sisqo that had LisaRaye in the video was pretty good. Other than that, I wasn't up on anything else he put out.

You don't look like you were tired at all at 3 in the morning. I've visited some people that would blend in with a lineup at that time of the night. Way to pull it off...LMAO!

5:12 PM  
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