I got thoughts. I want answers.

1. David Blaine is the devil. Not a magician. Who gives a hell if he can stay under water for 8 minutes? Wheres the magic in that? If he woulda stayed underwater for one minute & pulled a rabbit outta his ass, I woulda been impressed then.

2. Landmark National Bank doesnt care about black people. Today I went to cash my lil check that my Pops gave me for Smothers Day yesterday, guess how long I sat in my car waitin? 17 minutes. 17 FUCKIN MINUTES. I'm thinkin to myself that if I woulda deposited the check instead, I woulda had $500.00 saved up in interest by the time I left that ho.

3. Dont Paris and Fandango Fantasia look kinda related?

4. What the fuck happened to Kevin Costner?

5. Is anybody really surprised when Dmx gets arrested Again?

6. There aint shit on tv.

7. I think LL Cool J got a lil suga wooga booga bear in his tank.

8. I kinda retract number 6. Desperate Houswives is a great show. It lets me know that rich white folk have more problems than the average broke black folk.

9. Does T.I. really got a Louis Nap Sack where he's holdin all the work at?

10. What you know about that?


Blogger wun_knight said...

I know that these are probably rhetorical, but you have to keep in mind that DMX is just researchin' for movie role purposes....LMMFAO!!!

10:32 AM  
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