I dont know what it is to have a dull moment in life. Maybe I'll have one soon. Especially when I'm with my family. Lil background on us...My mom was born & raised in Plant City, Florida (about a half hr. away from Tampa, and my pops was born in Johnstown PA, and raised in Philly. So both sides of the family are loud and/or just dont give a fuck. Example: Today I'm on the phone with my lil cousin Nairee, who is 4 years old. I told Nairee he better stop bein bad before I come up there and beat his butt. He replied "Spider-Man will kick your fuckinass!", exactly like that. Now you know how you're not sposed to laugh when lil kids say cuss words, cause it encourages them? Well, that shit went right out the back window. Because I was fuckin ROLLIN harder than a pound of sticky in the hood, ya dig? That was the highlight of my afternoon. Then we have the case of the missin Iraqi address. I was sposed to send my Child's Poppa some shit to Iraq (oatmeal creme pies, pickled sausage, magazines with whores on em etc), so I get the box, buy all the shit, wrap it up and what have you...then what happens? I cant find the fuckin address. I think I mighta deleted it outta my Sidekick one of the days when he pissed me the fuck off. That'll be me. Doin shit without thinkin first. Thats one of my best qualities though, if you ask me. Anyway, I dont wanna call his punk ass mama, cause I believe the bitch used me. *shocked face* See, before he left...he left the vehicle with me [rick] whip it real hard, WHIP IT, WHIP IT REAL HARD![/ross] and she came and got it on Friday. She was sposed to call me when she got back to D.C., and err--its Tuesday. So the bitch better be dead, or her phone better be cut off, cuz you dont use me...I OWN YOU. you dont have to calllllllll, its okaaaay girll... But I digress. In other news; I had yet another wet dream about the fabulistically, nourishmentally challenged, T.I. I told my mama that I thought it was a sign. She said I was Quote: "Fuckin crazy, now hand me that remote" (please note that the remote in question was about 3 inches from her hand, and about 8 from mine). So many blogs, so lil time.

uncut note: remember those goggles Mase wore in the "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" video? Why aint those fly? Since niggas is wearin Stunna Shades, I think I'mma Franco Harris (throw back) on em and rock goggles to the club.


Anonymous Regina said...

I try to read your blog while the kids are at school 'cause I laugh so goddam loud! You are a must read for me every day! Send dude with the $2.00 steaks to me in Sweden!

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

9:46 PM  

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