feel like swimmin?

My Ego is kinda hungry today, I feel like talkin about me, so YOU DEAR, LUCKY READER... welcome to the vast ocean of complexities that is Dominique. Put on your swim gear, bitches.

1. I am an only child. That might be why I'm selfish.
2. My parents are still married. Have been since wayyy before I was born. Corny ain't it?
3. I am a label whore. It's kinda become an obession, really. As shallow as it sounds, I HAVE TO at all times have SOMETHIN namebrand, whether it be Handbangs, (preferably Dior...cuz ANYBODY can get a Louis now), Shoes ( I only wear Nike or Jordan kicks...Im religious about it)I like my stilettos to be BCBG and even my damn LIPGLOSS, ( GOTTA be M.A.C or Dior). This sounds really bad when you read it, but hey I dont give a shit. It's me & I fully accept myself & all of the things that make me who I am.
4. I say what I want. That usually gets me in trouble.
5. I got kicked outta Highschool 2 weeks before graduation. My weak ass Principal told me I missed too many days, and TOLD ME, (I dont do well with people 'tellin me' anything) that I was a bad influence on other students. So since he already told me that I wouldn't be graduatin' I took it upon myself to tell him how I really felt. I distinctly remember sayin "I dont give a fuck about this school" and "It's not my fault those lames wanna be like me". In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea.
6. I have WAY too much pride. So much so that I dont even like askin for help. I wanna do everything on my own, and if I ask for help I feel like I'm failin' myself.
7. I hate followers more than anything in this world. Especially people who do what I do. When the whole world is goin left, I wanna be goin right...and I wanna be goin right by myself.
8. I cuss alot. But so fuckin what?!
9. I am a loyal person. I NEVER betrayed anybody that was close to me, even if they did me dirty. Thats just not my style. I coulda fucked up ALOT of peoples lives, but I just dont get down like that, and I cant see myself EVER doin that to anybody who I cared about at one time. Lame huh?
10. I'm hard headed & stubborn. I like to find stuff out for myself, even if I know it could be potentially bad.
11. I self analyze alot. I'm always askin myself why I did something, because I tend to do stuff without thinkin.
12. I am a dope muhfucka. Really. No matter what your definition of dope is, I AM THAT.
13. I'm probably one of the most complicated people on this planet. Take the average person you know, and twist em 360 degrees, and you'll get me outta that.

So theres me. No jokes. No funny blogs. Just real shit. Love me, or leave me alone.


Blogger BossMack said...

Okay Babygirl, Im swiming like a muthafukka. I appriciate sagacious fly bitches that cuss a lot and rock tha fly sneakaz. Make sure you fuck with them Vans to they hot right now. Oh, and havin pursuviants and sychophants is a good thing, U seem to get your Queen Bee on.

10:32 AM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

ANd that chica is REAL TALK!!!!!!Imma fly bitch too....

11:45 AM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

Girl, You are a true Aquarian...I'm like you a lot of aspects, I'm stubborn as hell...I talk to much of my mind that gets me in trouble as well....

I'm a fly bitch too, when I wanna be...*lol*

3:19 PM  
Blogger jk with an E said...



are things we have in common... now i know you're a dope one!

10:08 PM  
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