exceedingly wealthy teenagers are wack.

I was watchin that ballbag of a show "My Super-Sweet 16" (dont that shit just SOUND like some ol soggy corndoggy mess?) on MTV. I came to a couple conclusions with the fabuloustastical mind that I have. Number one, who the fuck made it so that 16 was such a "special age?". Whats so effin "special" about it? You still cant buy tobbacco legally. Or go to the club legally. Is it cause you can DRIVE? That can't possibly be it, cause in the state of KS, you can get a license at 14. So what prompts these douche bag swallowin parents to spend thousands of dollars on a party, when they need to be savin it cause lil Amber is gonna get knocked up sometime this year, so they'll need all the cake they can get. Secondly, WHY do they put shit like this on tv? To make poor lil LaQuasha jealous cause all she got at her party was Tommy The Clown, 4 Drunk ass Clown dancers & a birthday cake made outta Oreo's and breadcrumbs? I got a idea. How bout we fuckin STOP spoilin these lil fuckas, at LEAST till they turn 18 and can get a legitimate job to pay us back the goddamn hundred and eighty G's we dropped on their lil stank ass birthday? I personally plan to mollywhop my son and land the bottom of my Air Force on the top of his head if he even fixes his mouth to say he wants a "BIG PARTY" for his 16th birthday. Then, the way these lil mothafuckas be talkin to their parents? YELLIN AT EM and shit? I'd be done (yeah, I said it) told him that his Daddy dont love him and all types of shit. Whew. Mothafuckas done got me all hot and bothered.

random note: I just seen T.I.'s video for "Why you wanna", and my womanly parts is Harlem Shakin/Krumpin/Goin Dumb/Snap Dancin and every goddamn thing else under the sun. I would HOUSE that nigga. He aint ready, I'd turn his lil bony ass OUT!


Blogger wun_knight said...

You clownin'!!!! I feel you on it, even though I am ashamed to say I caught one of those "My Super-Sweet 16" joints (I wasn't holdin' the remote and my telepathy ain't what it used to be) a few months back. Apparently mine had a young, prissy ass Black teenager in it. She was kinda chubby but she was "Hi Sci'n" it up. I'm would love to see MTV do a follow up on her ass when she steps out of her little world and realizes that she is still, above all things...BLACK. Maybe entitle it "My Bitter 21st: Reality Bites" or some shyt like that. You know, have her in love with, and getting played by a nikka named T-Bone, with her in her Senior Year at Stanford or whatever. Now that would be good TV.

10:22 AM  
Blogger BossMack said...

You are quite that sagacious bitch ain't cha? Im not tryin to offend your too pretty ass either, Methinks I might become one of your pursuviants.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Nique=Dope. said...

LMAO!!@ MY Bitter 21st. I know thats right. Yo I'm dyin offa that.

Bossmack, I try =x

10:22 PM  
Blogger jk with an E said...

rotflmao @ "I'd be done (yeah, I said it) told him that his Daddy dont love him and all types of shit. Whew. Mothafuckas done got me all hot and bothered."

those kids make me sick! did you see the one where the bitch was crying cause the mom chose the centerpieces taht saved their asses 3K? and the bitch has the nerve to tel her daddy, "you're giving me that 3K you saved" and his punk bitch ass says, "yeah you're gonna get that 3K baby"... ok, i admit i watch these damn whores.

and i guess you didn't read my blog about my "future ex-husband"... yup, it's the cutest man that looks like a 12 year old you'll ever run into, T.I. i'd prolly kill em with my inner thigh grip, but shit, i'll wear that mu'fucka out!

1:16 AM  
Anonymous xp said...

LOL @ fabuloustastical ... thats right up there with ridiculobomb!

Tyte, yeah tyte... blog... I'll be back!

6:52 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

Im sitting here reading this shit and girl u are a riot......
THere is also a big difference between the black 16 yr olds and the white ones though..but old boy LA REIDS son(AARON) takes the cake..He rolls up in a Maybach, has Jermain Dupri DJ then Kanye perform.......

9:19 AM  
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