all the playas came, from far and wide..

Wearin afros and braids and kickin them gangsta rides, now immmm here to tell ya, theres a better day when the playas ball is happenin all day everyday. yes.yes. I miss Outkast, very much...hence the reason i'm blastin "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic" and not really givin a fuck if i wake somebody up (i know yall lovin the circa '94 pic before Andre Benjamin got on this camel fur kick, and was just a simple nigga rockin a Footlocker referee tee and of course Big Boi is cooler than a polar bears tonails). SO IMAGINE how damn excited I am to hear 'the Mighty O'. Although, in the immortal words of Hov "Niggas back up, they know I'm not no FRONTA"...I cannot tell a lie and say I wasnt a tad dissapointed. Why? Cuz I thought the song was about orgasms..SHIT, thats the only 'MIGHTY O', im concerned about these days. *sigh* perverted. other than that, the shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s [no holla back girl]. its the prototype. hopefully it'll get some *ahem* SPINS, cause im tired of havin to see niggas snap they fingers, jerk they necks, and stand on one toe and grab their foot. [not to mention hearin about bein on kryptonite all night & all day, cuz you damn sho' wont find me in the A]. what happened to hip hop anyway? my treasured baby has become a commercial whore, lettin anybody run up in her, do her any kinda way & fuck up her credibility. this wasnt sposed to turn into a Hipolitical blog though. thats for a later date. i gotta kick, push, and coast outta here.


Blogger wun_knight said...

I tell you what...I bought southernplayalisticadillacmuzic right before I hopped on a plane from Chicago to Orlando in '94 and by the time I landed I was hooked. That was the album for me for about a year and a half...that and Goodie Mob's first joint.

You seem to be tired of where hip hop is going, huh? I feel you on that. It makes me wish that I could come up with a catchy saying and get my $200,000 and a video. I'm just saying, everyone else is doing it and it's nothing that posseses staying power in any form. Just let me get in and get out too.

12:36 PM  
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